Leo- Lead Database Strategist

Leo is a rarity among database programmers — combining four diverse areas of expertise into one person. First, he has a thorough fluency of — and experience with — the most popular database programs used today (from Access to SQL, MySQL, and PostgreSQL). He also has two technology degrees from M.I.T. and an M.S. from Stanford in Economic Concepts and Modeling. Thirdly, he has extensive experience building dozens of database-driven web sites (over 60). And finally, he is a database scientist, running his own development servers on which he continually tests — and proves — new concepts.

Put this all into one person and you have a unique expert who not only knows how to get the most out of database programs — but also knows how to model your company’s data in the most effective way. Leo’s unique database systems deliver the information you need when you need it — now and in the foreseeable future.

Want a better feel for Leo’s expertise? Leo’s white papers on Business Rules and Object Orientation, and What Makes PostgreSQL Unique.