Summa USA

Summa USA

Initial Challenges:

Summa USA, a worldwide leader in vinyl printing and cutting, turned to Blue Sky Projects because they needed a highly customized WordPress website with advanced e-commerce and document management capabilities.

In addition to hundreds of different products and accessories, the company needed to incorporate some very stringent layout requirement and a design that would accommodate character sets for several different languages in the future.

We knew we were the perfect firm for the job.

Design Solutions:

Because we knew that Summa would need a design platform that would be incredibly consistent throughout dozens of browsers in use across the globe, we developed a clear, attention-grabbing set of page templates and then tested them rigorously.

Additionally, we made pixel-by-pixel adjustments to ensure that details like spacing, image sizes, and the readability of text wouldn’t be compromised with the development of new browsers in other countries. And finally, we needed a way to organize a diverse set of products in a way that would be easy for customers to browse, compare, and evaluate different solutions.

The result is a set of web pages that aren’t just beautiful, but extraordinarily reliable. No matter who sees them – or where they’re coming from – Summa’s products and marketing messages shine through clearly.

Technical Solutions:

Behind the scenes, the development work for Summa’s website was a large, complex undertaking. We went page by page, ensuring that the finished software would be able to handle necessary functions and requests cleanly.

The company wanted a way for customers and vendors to be able to upload project files and proposal requests securely. A robust document management system was developed and put into place, making it more convenient for other businesses to transmit to and from Summa, regardless of time differences.

We didn’t want Summa to be dependent on the Blue Sky development team for ongoing changes to content and features. So, we built the site with maintenance and expandability in mind. Now, the client can easily update firmware or change the content on their site without having to contact us at all.

Project Achievements:

Summa came to us because they needed reliable WordPress programming and e-commerce development, and wanted to work with a creative development partner who could put the pieces into place quickly. Today, they have a brand-new website that’s easy for all their customers to use, compatible with any major web browser, and infinitely adaptable for the coming years.

At the same time, they haven’t just gotten a new look, but a range of functionality that would have been impossible to achieve without custom programming. Sales began pouring in from around the world on the first day the new site was launched, and Summa’s newly e-commerce site has already processed 200+ orders of premium, specialized parts and services.

In other words, our client got everything they need to keep growing their business around the globe.

Site Achievements:
Working closely with our client to
determine their needs, Blue Sky
Projects was able to deliver:

  • A highly customized WordPress
    e-commerce site that’s compatible
    with browsers around the world.
  • A robust document management
    system that allows customers and
    vendors to send and receive
    quotes and project specifications
    more securely.