Initial Challenges:

Snackdish is a social startup that brings you closer to your friends and your favorite television programs at the same time with program- and episode-specific chats and posting.

Entrepreneur Kevin Hall came to Blue Sky Projects because he knew he had a big idea, but one that would take a fair bit of custom programming and development to bring to life. He envisioned an interactive, feature-rich social website that would nonetheless have a simple, straightforward display that anyone could learn to use.

And, like most startups, his company was on a tight budget and needed to launch the finished project without any delays.

Design and Functional Solutions:

Since Kevin came to us with a list of desired features and functionalities based on extensive user feedback, our first priority was to ensure that the website (and underlying app) didn’t just look good, but scored highly on usability from one page or section to the next. We helped him organize his content and ideas so that even a first-time user could log in to the site and immediately participate, which we were sure would be a key to the company’s long-term success.

At the programming level, we tied the app directly into Facebook, making it easy for users to not only set up an account but quickly connect with their friends. We also integrated real-time feeds from two separate databases, one for television shows and one for movies, so it would be easy for people who register to find programs, episodes, and films they enjoy.

We also added a number of back-end features the client can use to control the look, feel, and content of Snackdish, including a WYSIWYG editor, direct content control, and the ability to add users or change their permission levels in seconds


The newly launched Snackdish website is fully functional and combines the best in social media features with an incredibly clean interface (based on the company’s logo) with lots of easy-to-use and understand prompts.

The site is fully compatible with both computers and tablets, and has lots of fun features like the ability to see what your friends are watching and comment on specific moments or themes within TV shows and movies themselves.

It’s no surprise to us that Snackdish is gaining users quickly and might soon be the hottest social app around!

Site Achievements:
Snackdish needed a professional web presence with Facebook and online database integration, despite being on a budget and a tight schedule.

  • Blue Sky Projects was able to build a versatile and inviting app that makes it easy for new users to sign up and participate while including sturdy behind-the-scenes functionality for its owner