Panasonic Avionics

Panasonic Avionics

Initial Challenges:

If you have ever found yourself with many long hours to spend on a flight, then you’ve probably been thankful for Panasonic Avionics… even if you didn’t know it at the time. By designing the In Flight Entertainment and Communications (IFEC) systems that sit on the back of airline seats, they make traveling a more enjoyable experience for millions of people every year.

When they came to Blue Sky Projects, it was because they needed a PowerPoint presentation for major industry event that would be just as impressive as their products. Luckily, our design team was up to the challenge.

Design Solutions:

The Blue Sky Projects PowerPoint design team began by creating an overview of their two different presentation decks, and then ensuring that each could display the standard or widescreen format. Additionally, we took content and input from the client to create condensed messaging that accentuated the utility and competitive strengths of their products.

The result was a presentation that was both polished and impactful, and demonstrated their position as a leader in IFEC technology to a wide range of buyers and important industry contacts.

Technical Solutions:

Because the event was held in Korea, the North American team responsible for coordinating the event at Panasonic faced challenges in obtaining facility information from conference planners. As a result, they needed PowerPoint decks that weren’t only impressive from a visual standpoint, but also versatile enough to work with any kind of technical platform (including different displays, software systems, and audio outputs).

Blue Sky Projects ensured that they left for the conference confident that there presentation wouldn’t be hampered by these issues.

User Solutions:
  • Using the presentation decks and populated content that Blue Sky Projects created, Panasonic Avionics delivered a strong closing session at the Asia Pacific Onboard Travel Event.
  • The successful industry showcase could trigger millions of new sales and keep the division poised for even more explosive growth in the future .