Initial Challenges:
Trade Show Touch Screen Kiosks, PowerPoints, Website and Intranet Website

PACCAR Parts came to us initially with some unique design and programming challenges. They were hoping to have Blue Sky create a pair of fully functional tradeshow touch-screen kiosk applications – built from the ground up – that would be versatile and easy to update, even though they were on a very tight timeframe. The client also needed to be sure that the kiosks themselves had a clean, professional look. When they learned we could do create PowerPoint – eight screens of those were added onto the spec for the same tradeshow. After the show – they were so pleased; they hired us to do their website and later a dynamic real-time graphical sales display!

In a bigger sense, PACCAR needed a big-bottom line impact without breaking the bank. Not only were we able to meet that challenge, but they were so happy with our work that they ended up getting a new website, as well.

Design Solutions:

From a design standpoint, we needed something that would be eye-catching even from a distance, since the kiosks would be competing for attention with other tradeshow displays. The 10 screens (2 Kiosk and 8 PowerPoint) were 50″ displays.

We then took our creative touch to their website, bringing them up to date and giving it more branding power along with modern marketing features such as an interactive map and mobile functionality.

Sales & Marketing Solutions:

Blue Sky created two separate freestanding kiosk applications that didn’t just incorporate PACCAR’s existing branding, but also PDF catalogs containing thousands of pages, as well as dozens of videos with cross-browser capability. We also included an intuitive system that tradeshow visitors can use to navigate self-contained pages within moments using the same touch-screen page-turning commands that are found on popular tablets like Nooks and iPads. The result was something that was fun, informative, and a high-powered sales and marketing tool.

Later in the year, PACCAR parts contacted us to create a dynamic, real-time charting aplication for a sales meeting. Instead of traditional looking bar or line charts – we gave them circular fuel-like guages! Their team lvoed them and re-used the web application in multiple shows.

Technical and Business Process Solutions:

In addition to the public features of the displays, the Blue Sky development team included admin features that will allow PACCAR employees to instantly update the information that is presented. Similar to a content management system on a website, the programming makes the apps simple to expand or update, so that the company can get many years of use from the end product (and a much bigger return on their investment).

User Solutions:

Both the kiosks and Sales Charting application were developed with compatibility and expandability in mind. As a result, not only can they be updated by anyone on the PACCAR team, but also work seamlessly with iPads, smart phones, and other mobile devices – expanding the reach of the applications and accessibility for the client. The kiosks have already been put into action for tradeshows and expos around the U.S., and have become a core part of PACCAR’s nationwide dealer marketing strategy.

Site Achievements:
After Blue Sky Projects created these projects, PACCAR parts had the following successes:

  • Once the final products were
    unveiled, the PACCAR teams
    were extremely pleased with the
    way Blue Sky used innovative
    development, sturdy programming,
    and a little bit of creativity to find
    solutions to a complex challenge.
  • Moreover, they weren’t just able to meet a tight deadline for the launch of their kiosks, charting web application, website, and PowerPoint presentations, but also to gain valuable tradeshow and marketing presentation tools that can be used to show
    off their company and catalog for years to come.