Lovsted Worthington

Lovsted Worthington

Initial Challenges:
Independent insurance agency and brokerage Lovsted-Worthington faced a problem unique to its industry. How do you explain to your customers the complicated world of insurance coverage while conveying its enormous benefits? In short, the company had a translation problem.

Design Solutions:
Blue Sky Projects conducted a usability study to determine how customers were using the site. The review focused on editorial content and site-usage patterns. Review also revealed modes of staff usage. Redesign emphasizes nested, search-targeted content.

Editorial Solutions:
Interviewed all key stakeholders, translating their deep knowledge into compact, informative and compelling customer-ready messages. Created editorial focused on Lovsted-Worthington’s high-performing niche lines of coverage. Integrated site search capabilities for text and PDFs throughout the site. SEO to boost search traffic.

Customer Usability Solutions:
Beyond making the content on the site easy to read and understand, Blue Sky Projects made the site easy to use. The Contact Us page features a print format for map and directions; the site includes an email form for visitors to request information; customers can download applications for insurance coverage; and internal site search includes content on PDFs.

Business Process Improvements
Created extensive backend architecture so client can easily change text and images on homepage, including flash animation. The site design was transported to PowerPoint and trade show displays so presentations present a seamless look and feel. Also integrated vCards on staff page.

Technical Solutions:
WYSIWYG backend editor for real-time updates to every page on site. Encrypted all contact emails to minimize spam. Site traffic analytics allows staff to adjust page content based on page views.