Schwartz Brothers

Schwartz Brothers

Initial Challenges:

When we first met with the directors at the Schwartz Brothers group of restaurants (owner’s of Daniel’s Broiler, Chandler’s Crabhouse and Spazzo’s), they had a portfolio of five different eateries. Each had a reputation for dining excellence in Seattle, but their Internet strategy wasn’t on par with their food or service.

Because they were using multiple websites without a comprehensive branding strategy or plan for the future, they found that their messages were sometimes disjointed, and their pages often went out-of-date quickly. They needed a new approach to guests online.

Design Solutions:

The first thing the team at Blue Sky Projects did was to create a strategy for the Schwartz Brothers web presence – one that included seven different sites to brand the different bakery, restaurant, and catering options that needed distinct promotion.

From a design standpoint, we consulted with another team to help them develop a cleaner theme that better reflected the upscale dining experience customers could expect from Schwartz Brothers. It was now easier for guests to understand the concept at each restaurant, and to find menus, locations, and other information they were looking for.

Technical Solutions:
  • A new content management system allowed the management at Schwartz Brothers to update their pages and sites continuously without losing the new layout.
  • A mobile-ready platform ensured that potential customers could find the information they needed from smart phones, tablets, and other web-ready mobile devices.
  • We integrated custom programming features to allow for reward programs and gift card sales.
  • Blue Sky Projects also migrated the Schwartz Brothers websites to our own hosting package.
User Solutions:
  • Schwartz Brothers has already gotten positive feedback from customers and managers alike.
  • With stronger branding, customers can relate one quality dining experience with