Habitat for Humanity Seattle

Habitat for Humanity Seattle

Initial Challenges:

This client came to us with a classic problem: a five-star organization with wonderful goals, being held back by a web presence that was outdated, disorganized, and ineffective. Not only were they keeping two separate websites — one for the organization, and another for the accompanying store — but had numerous decision-makers with competing views and priorities that had to be satisfied. They needed a cleaner look, a more straightforward message, and an online marketing tool they could use for years to come.

Design Solutions:

Our first step was to condense the two sites into one, give them a much cleaner look that took advantage of white space and simple colors, and work within the design standards set by Habitat for Humanity at the national level. We also added video capability to the site, giving the organization an easier way to communicate directly with donors, volunteers, and the public.

Sales & Marketing Solutions:

We built the new Seattle Habitat for Humanity site with a greater reach in mind. A number of new blogs were integrated so that managers and executives could communicate with supporters. We also made the new platform more search engine-friendly, so anyone interested in learning more about the local chapter could find it on the web.

Business Process Improvements:

One of the key “hidden” improvements in the new site is that it was built with mobile compatibility in mind at every step in the process. Now, users of the site at every level — from the executive leadership to those in the public — are able to access pages and content through smart phones, tablets, and other Web-ready mobile devices.

Technical Solutions:

Managing the workload for such a large and active organization can be a challenge, which is why we implemented a behind-the-scenes project management system that keeps separate groups and tasks moving together in sync. Now, it’s as easy as logging into the site for managers to view to-do lists, timelines, and other critical project management details in real-time.

User Solutions:

We also configured the new website with a powerful content management system that allows the organization to add and change pages instantly, any time of the day or night, without having to call our team. They are even free to change their navigation structure with the click of the mouse, ensuring that their new site stays flexible and up-to-date.


Site Achievements:

Since its launch, the new Seattle
Habitat for Humanity website has
been an instant success:

  • The new Seattle Habitat for
    Humanity site features a much
    cleaner look and easier-to-use
  • The new project management
    system is already being used by
    more than 250 people to keep
    track of 100 different goals.
  • Other local chapters have inquired
    about integrating their programs
    into the new site because of its
    design and functionality.
  • Increased traffic to the website is already arriving from search engines, blog readers, and mobile web users.