Distant Lands

Distant Lands Coffee

Initial Challenges:

Distant Lands is a B2b private label coffee grower and packaging company with a focus on product quality and well-known corporate customers. When they were referred to Blue Sky Projects by a local PR firm, however, they didn’t have a website that conveyed who they are and what makes them special.

Despite supplying premium coffee for Panera Bread restaurants, a national supermarket chain, and other well-known retailers, their online footprint was almost nonexistent. Their existing site was poorly organized and didn’t display correctly on mobile devices.

Management was worried the underwhelming look and poor functionality were giving new customers the jitters.

Design and Functional Solutions:

The first thing the Blue Sky Projects team did was give the Distant Lands website a refreshed look based on the company’s existing logo and font scheme. The result was a layout that looks cleaner and gives them more credibility with buyers and executives.

Then, to add to the website’s visuals, we hired a local photographer for a custom shoot. The new images were of Distant Lands products in the grocery aisle, adding a touch of professionalism that couldn’t be achieved with stock photos.

Behind the scenes, Blue Sky Projects reorganized the website’s content into it’s format, helping to make it more search-friendly and easier for visitors to scan and understand. We also added custom programming to show potential customers where they could find Distant Lands products at more than 5,000 store locations, all while adding mobile functionality and responsive design to ensure it would display perfectly for any visitor.


Distant Lands executives and website visitors were immediately impressed by the clean, organized look of the new website. They also love that it emphasized the company’s green, sustainable approach to coffee production (which they oversee entirely from local farms to the finished retail packaging).

Potential customers preferred our easy-to-use interface that meant they could get the details they were searching for in seconds, instead of having to dig through the old navigation structure at a frustratingly slow pace. And, the custom photography added an extra level of professionalism that many of Distant Lands’ competitors lack.

With the new website in place and easier to find on Google, the company looks sure to win even more fans and customers in the near future!