Blue Phantom CAE

Blue Phantom – CAE Healthcare

Initial Challenges:
Many years ago, the founder of Blue Phantom hired us to troubleshoot the initial website built by a prior firm. We were able to solve and fix several critical issues. We were then hired to maintain and expand the web site as it grew! After a few years the site was acquired by an international firm and we continue to maintain and expand it.

Design Solutions:

Collaborating with several layers of managers within the client corporation produced a new look for the home and inside pages blending the inital website feel with the corporate branding.

Sales & Marketing Solutions:

Instructional and testimonial videos were added providing prospective customers with first hand details and assurances. As the company expanded overseas, the website was modified to both support and international sales network as well as sell directly overseas.

Technical Solutions:

The site is a highly customized asp.Net application with a custom shopping cart as well.

The site:

  • Allows the site owner to create products videos and multiple tabs worth of information for each item.
  • Related products are shown for all items.
  • Allows the owner to create custom landing pages for third party offers.
  • Implements real-time taxes for both all states and Canadian provinces as well.
User Solutions:

The website is very user-friendly having been refreshed several times based upon real world feedback and suggestions.