Initial Challenges:

For any Web design firm, nothing is as challenging, or as exciting, as a complete start up design. With no need to follow an existing, though outdated, site, there is freedom to create something new, with all the newest technologies and strategies. The strong vision here was to create a business and Web site from scratch to sell both online coaching webinars as well as scheduled in-person seminars though the use of a custom e-commerce website, a Web site where people looking to start a new life and professional career could find answers.

Design Solutions:

Intensive collaboration with the client yielded a lean, clean design that is easy for any visitor to navigate. The critical content shines through, standing out and immediately drawing reflection and providing answers.

Sales & Marketing Solutions:

Inviting copy is up front and relevant, all-important testimonials, which provide instant credibility and confidence, are strategically located. All content is SEO-friendly, and visitors to the site, who are often coming at a time when they are critically in need of a career change or a new direction, are at once calmed, given support and shown that they have options, thanks to easy, comprehensible navigation.

Technical Solutions:

The site is a highly customized nexus befitting the client’s goal of creating a new paradigm is career development, one that leverages online webinars and seminars. The site:

  • Allows the site owner to create products with both videos and publications attached to it
  • Makes video expiration dates available and has a built in custom video player page
  • Allows the owner to create custom landing pages for third party sponsors on the fly
  • The creation of new product display pages can be either a customized template as well as a free-form editable area
  • In addition to pre-recorded items, the site also enables the creation of in-person seminars for multiple cities and times as the owner wishes
User Solutions:

The client knows the economy is challenging. He knows that the country is filled with people eager to start anew, to discover new opportunities and to find ultimate professional success. This new site answers the questions, helps users discover hidden talents, sharpen existing talents and get the confidence to find a new career.

Site Achievements:
After Blue Sky Projects built this new
site, ACTIONPOINTE had the
following successes:

  • Site has a built-in custom video
    player page so visitors can
    access the site’s webinars
    and seminars
  • The site features pre-recorded
    content, but also has the
    capability of in-person seminars
    for multiple cities and times
    as needed