Should the Fear of Negative Comments Stop You From Business Blogging?

If you’re a small business owner who has looked to grow your company’s website, or get more from online marketing in Seattle or beyond, in the last few years, then there is a greater than 99% chance you’ve been told to add a blog to your company’s website. After all, having a business blog can be a great way to spread news, gain new readers and customers, and dramatically improve your search engine position.

So why aren’t more small and medium-sized companies jumping at the chance to start a company blog?

There are a handful of reasons. Some are worried that they won’t have the time to write, or don’t have anything interesting to say; others don’t quite understand the concept, or worry that they’ll accidentally share confidential information with their competitors. While these are all reasonable points, they are easy enough issues to deal with, and shouldn’t stop you from enjoying all the great benefits of having a blog.

Recently, however, the team here at Blue Sky Projects, Seattle’s best web design partner,  heard from a client who wasn’t sure she wanted to start up a blog because readers might comment negatively on her posts, hurting her marketing efforts in the process. That raises an interesting question: Should the fear of negative comments stop you from business blogging?

We feel that it absolutely should not, and here are just a few quick reasons why:

Negative comments are rare. The chances of someone taking time out of their day solely to insult you or try to make you look bad on your blog are pretty small. While you can get negative comments from time to time, it’s a lot rarer than you might think; you’re much more likely to be inundated with positive feedback than critical messages.

Having negative comments on your blog can actually help your online marketing. That’s because the right kind of criticism can start a debate, spur new topics, and even give you the chance to publicly defend or elaborate on something that’s misunderstood about your company and products.

Factually inaccurate or inappropriate comments can always be deleted. You always have the option of cutting off comments to your blog altogether, or deleting remarks that are particularly offensive or inaccurate. Remember, you are in control of what goes on to your company blog.

The other benefits of having a business blog are just too big. Blogs are a great tool in your online marketing arsenal, allowing you to share information, post opinions, and move into the top spots on Google, Yahoo, and Bing for your most important keywords. Why give that up just because of worry about what a few people might think or say?

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