Seattle Web Design: A New Online Home for Habit for Humanity

It goes without saying that we appreciateHabitat for Humanity all of our clients here at Blue Sky Projects, and try to put the very best of our creative energy and online marketing skill into each and every Seattle web design we work on. Every blog, content management system, custom programming solution, and search engine optimization or online marketing plan we produce is at least partly a labor of love.

We don’t mind admitting, however, that it feels particularly wonderful to have successfully launched a brand-new website for our friends over at Seattle Habitat for Humanity. If you have a moment, you can see our handiwork – and a bit about their wonderful organization – right now at

Aside from getting the chance to do great things for a great set of people, this project was also particularly rewarding from a design and programming standpoint. That’s because Habitat for Humanity was facing a unique set of challenges: They had a national brand, logo, and set of identity guidelines that they needed to conform to, two different websites to combine into one, and a long list of priorities that different department managers needed to be met.

We are pleased to say that we were up for the challenge.

During the course of the Habitat for Humanity project, we took the same approach we do for every Seattle custom web design: We listened to the client first, to get a sense of what their real needs were, and then set about the task of making an actual plan. Along the way, we were able to give them much more than a great-looking website (although we are very proud of the clean design you’ll see throughout their pages). Along with a new layout, we integrated:

A robust content management system. Not only can the people at Seattle’s Habitat for Humanity now change their own pages, but can even add sections, navigational bars, etc., on their own.

A custom project management system. Because they have so many employees and volunteers working at once, we knew they needed a way to communicate more efficiently and in real time. Since its launch a few weeks ago, the new back-end internal project management system has already been used to track 100 different projects and counting.

A series of blogs and online videos. One of the most important things the team Habitat for Humanity can do is communicate their mission, goals, and achievements to the public. With these tools available to every department, that job just got a lot easier.

A search engine optimization and online marketing plan. The more volunteers and donations the group can track, the more great work they can do in our communities. For that reason, a strong plan for promoting their website was essential.

We can’t say enough about how honored and privileged we were to get the chance to build a new online home for a group that has done the same thing for so many others. We hope you’ll check out their new website today, and wish them every success in the future!

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