Regina – Lead Programming Strategist

Few application programmers have engineering degrees from M.I.T. — and even fewer know half a dozen programming languages (most know only one or two). This unique range of talents gives Regina the flexibility to consider multiple ways of solving any given problem — and lets her arrive at the most effective solution to the unique business challenge at hand.

Clients have often relied on Regina’s extensive programming language fluency and engineering background in control systems to solve their mission-critical challenges. Just one example of the 60+ database driven web sites she has helped create is the web-based quality assurance application she created (for a large international coffee seller) that tracked the entire manufacturing process — from purchase through production to packaging.

Regina is also a researcher who tests the practical application of technologies to better understand their strengths and weaknesses when asked to perform in various scenarios. She not only conducts the tests, but also produces papers on her findings.

Want a better feel for Regina’s expertise? Regina’s white paper on Server Side Scripting.