Lovsted-Worthington Insurance

Recently we met with client Lovsted-Worthington Insurance to chat about their experience with Blue Sky Projects. Surety Manager, Kristin Jackson, was kind enough to take some time with us and share what set us apart from other web development firms when they were choosing a partner to create a new website.

BSP- Why did Lovsted-Worthington feel that they needed a new site?

K- We had a simple, brochure-type website but it was somewhat antiquated. We wanted to keep up with what the average business was doing, as well as develop a more professional web image. Our clients aren’t usually price-shopping as much as they are looking for an insurance package with specific components and we wanted the site to reflect that.

BSP- Why did you choose Blue Sky Projects?

K- There were many reasons. We weren’t super clear on all that we needed on the site and wanted some guidance and direction there. But other firms seemed to really want those decisions pinned down before moving forward. Marc with Blue Sky Projects was flexible with that and had the experience to help us weed out what we really needed to shine online as a business. We finalized bids down to two choices and then once we actually talked to Marc, it was pretty clear who we should choose.

BSP- Any other reasons?

K- Yes. Blue Sky Projects had done a site for one of our clients and we knew that they were very happy with the results. That also gave us the confidence to move forward.

BSP- How specifically did Blue Sky help you pin down what you needed?

K- Well for starters before they even started the site, they gave us a packet of questions and had each staff member fill it out. So everyone had input and that was a very good thing. In addition, they had samples to show us of other sites and with each new design component, such as a menu bar, we could view those other sites and choose the type of design we liked.

We didn’t realize that we would need as many pages as we did but it is organized well and it’s obvious to us now that each page was needed. Marc was also good about walking us through and teaching at every step. I’ve learned that website terminology is much like medical terminology. They are complicated! So unless you have education in that field, you really do need to rely on your web team to help explain all the options.

BSP- You have a back-end administration page that helps you change some things on the site. Does that help you?

K- Tremendously! That was an important component for me in moving forward with a new site. We needed to have the ability to add some text, pictures and make changes as needed on staff bios. We were very happy that Marc and Blue Sky were able to provide this with ease.

BSP- Thanks for your time, Kristin!