Getting the Most from Your Website

What can you do to maximize the dollars spent on your website to insure that it will truly meet your business needs? Here are some suggestions:

1. Assess your needs and your desires. Make both a list of what your business absolutely must have and another list with what else you would like to see. Include any questions that you have for a web developer as you brainstorm. Don’t forget to include your team members in the process.

2. List your goals for the site. Is it only an informational brochure or do you want people to be able to interact on the site? Is some education about your industry important? (If so, you might want to consider a blog as part of your site design). Communicate your goals with your developer.

3. Consider your audience. Spend some time thinking about the people who will visit your site and what their needs are. If you were a customer, what would you want to see? And what would entice you request more information? Also consider your internal customer if you have one. Do you need back pages that staff members can access?

4. Keep future growth/potential changes in mind. Perhaps you aren’t ready for the social sites yet but think that you may want to be on Twitter someday. Share this with your developer. Perhaps you don’t want to offer e-commerce yet but in six months will have the product to do so. Your developer can help prepare your site for potential future adaptations.

5. Consider designs that are sleek, yet not overwhelming, and easy to navigate. Your site should be a comfortable one that is easy to read, navigate and search for information. Yes, bright yellow might get some attention but no one will want to stay long if they feel like they need to wear sunglasses to read it.

6. Consider Search Engine Optimization Services. A website that isn’t easily found in the search engines will not help you gain traction and new customers. Always ask your web developer if they can integrate SEO within the site and if not, find a developer who can.

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