Family Intranet Websites

Are you looking for a way to keep members of a large family in touch, making it easy for you to spread the word on reunions, milestones, and other pieces of news?

Blue Sky Projects has the perfect answer – a dedicated family intranet website that allows you to manage family business, foundations, and contact details all in one place. It’s like a website and social media platform all in one. And best of all, it’s password-protected so only family members (and others you grant access to) can log in and see newsletters, photos, contact information, and more.

A family intranet website can be an incredibly helpful tool for any large family, allowing you to do things like:

  • Make it easy for family members to keep in touch, update contact details, and share their personal and professional interests
  • Plan and coordinate reunions and other family activities – including on-site event management tools that make it easy for you to track attendance and locations
  • Manage trusts, investments, and family boards easily by keeping and sharing information in one secure, convenient password-accessible web portal
  • Restrict access to verified members of your extended family and set permission levels that allow users to see and post material securely

The bigger your family is, and the more often you need to get in touch, the more powerful your intranet becomes. And best of all, they’re easy to set up and become more useful over time as you add events, personal details, and other information.

Talk to Blue Sky Projects about setting up a family intranet site that keeps your relatives connected today!