State of the Art Technology

Blue Sky High Tech Boost

Technical Strategy and Needs

Do you know the right mix of technologies to make the most of your site?

Our team has expertise in the most popular web development tools — PHP, SQL, ASP, .NET, CFM, Java, Flash, Windows, Linux and Mac platforms, databases, Microsoft SQL, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Access.

If you don’t have internal IT staff, we have all the expertise you need. If you do have internal IT experts, we will be a responsive outside resource of colleagues — not headaches — for them.


Technical Process Improvement

Know that something is possible but don’t have the time or skills to make it work? We are skilled problem solvers to make your application on or off the web work. We look at your challenges with fresh eyes and decades of creative programming experience to find solutions that solve problems.

eCommerce Strategy – Technical

Behind the shopping cart there are many things the customer doesn’t see, such as integration for vendor fulfillment, shipping, accounting and merchant processing integration. We have experience in not only merging the most popular applications to work smoothly and reliably but also in custom modifications to these areas to suit your particular needs.

Site Maintenance – Technical

We make updating and modifying the site easy at whatever technical level you need. From templates with basic includes to complete custom CMS systems with multiple levels of access and WYSIWYG editors built-in.

Print Collateral

From full color hand sketches through the latest computerized software on both Mac and Window platforms our designers have a complete range of skills for your projects. Most final design work is done in either Illustrator or Freehand. Output can be for any type of printer from two-color to seven-color offset presses.

Social Media Marketing And Tools

Social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn might be relatively new, but they represent an opportunity to connect with new customers that you can’t ignore. From helping you to design campaigns and custom pages to integrating social media content into your site and putting monitoring tools at your fingertips, Blue Sky Projects has everything you need to gain more fans, followers, and customers.

Site Hosting

We host many of the sites we build, and offer custom hosting solutions for their individual needs. Hosting is available on both Microsoft and Linux platforms with any program needed to support your site.

Multiple Languages

We know HTML, DHTML, ASP, ASP, CFM, .NET, PHP, Perl and many more — there are usually a few possibilities for any given solution and we select the best for each case.


To us, security is not only making pages and orders secure — it’s also considering user conveniences, such as recovering lost passwords, changing or adding logins. We also know that security impacts the speed of your site. That’s why our strategies include keeping non-critical pages security free for maximum viewing speed.


We provide hands-on training as a part of every site. Custom training covers everything you need to know about how your site works. All training includes a custom-printed getting-started guide.

We also conduct on-site training on any aspect of web site development — from Flash and Dreamweaver to how to do ecommerce right.



From Access and Microsoft SQL to MySQL and PostgreSQL — we can use what you have, or create something new just for you.