Business Strategy & Branding

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Business Needs Assessment

Do you know what your site needs to be a success?

The planning phase is the time to consider all the possibilities
for making your web site a cost-saving — and money-making — device. How to maximize its efficiency (save time and money), improve your business processes, increase revenues, and beat the competition.

This is also the best time to think about all the audiences that will be accessing your site — customers, sales staff, managers, developers. What will they want to see, know, find, buy? How are they going to use the site?

With our practical business background, we know the questions to ask — and carefully listen to you. We quickly arrive at a thorough understanding of how your web site (whether internet, intranet or extranet) can help improve your business — and which of today’s technology tools will help you get where you want to go.


Business Strategy

Do you know how to turn your list of web site needs into a successful web site?

We will create a development strategy that focuses on the design and construction of your site from three strategic perspectives:

1. Business rules — Building with the future in mind is one of the best ways to keep costs down. Our recommendations assume your business rules will change in unforeseen ways as time goes by — for example, due to market shifts you may need to expand your site, or offer new promotions or new site features.

2. Database – Your database is perhaps the single most important element for your site, since it supports your business rules. We can build on your existing database, or recommend the most appropriate system — based on functionality, dependability and flexibility for future growth.

3. Design — We design for elegant simplicity to make your site easy to use for all three “audiences”: (1) the site customer who responds to the promotions, (2) the site owner who creates the promotions, and (3) customer service or sales reps who track the results of the promotions.


Ecommerce Strategy

If you want to let your customers make sales transactions over the web, we will guide you through all the pros and cons of the e-commerce options available to you for best results.

Will a basic site meet your needs? Or will a complex site that, for example, lets you specify categories and products – and then re-builds itself on the fly — be the most effective to meet your growth needs?

Whether your site has a hundred, a thousand or a hundred thousand products, we understand that each site has different needs — and we provide the appropriate solution.


Business Process Improvements

Do you know how to take advantage of web applications to improve your business?

From ‘behind the scenes’ tracking for sales and marketing, to automatically-generated reports for accounting, the web is an excellent place to enhance your business processes, making them more efficient — without increasing costs.


Social Media Marketing

Hundreds of millions of people are connecting with friends, family, and even the companies they do business with on social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Are you doing all you can to turn some of them into customers?

At Blue Sky Projects, we have the tools and insight you need to start taking advantage of social media and using it as a business tool. From designers who can help you create custom Facebook and Twitter pages to copywriters who can make sure your posts and articles stand out in the crowd, our social media marketing services are geared toward one thing: helping you build a list of friends, fans, and followers who ultimately do more business with your company.

Social networking is changing the way we live, work, and build professional relationships. It’s a huge marketing opportunity that’s still growing, and Blue Sky Projects can help you make the most of it.


Logos and Branding

Does your logo convey what your firm is and does?

The logo serves as a key part of the visual identity for your firm. Ideally we would create not only a distinctive logo but also a color palette, brand imagery and word/design themes to then be used not only for the web site but also carried across into all of your print collateral.


Print Collateral

Do you have the in-house skills to create successful print campaigns?

Our award-winning designers have the experience and creativity to produce great marketing pieces from stationery through product brochures to print ads. We have also created FDA compliant product labels and packaging.


Site Management

Do you have the in-house abilities and time to maintain your site?

As experienced site managers, we will help ensure that your site is updated, fresh and continually offers the most to your customers. Of course, your site will be built to easily manage yourself, but many of our customers hire us to save them time and effort.

Whether you need a new paragraph for the home page, regular monthly updates, or a brochure or newsletter converted to HTML and Adobe PDFs — you’ll have a full time webmaster for a part-time price.


User Interface and Visual Design

Beautiful, clever, flashy design is not the most important thing — making sure everyone who uses your site has a positive experience is. All user interfaces will be designed for effective visual appeal. The text will use persuasive copy for maximum impact. And navigation will be logical and easy.


To us, security is not only making pages and orders secure — it’s also considering user conveniences, such as recovering lost passwords, changing or adding logins. We also know that security impacts the speed of your site. That’s why our strategies include keeping non-critical pages security free for maximum viewing speed.

Search engines

Do you know how to make it easy for prospective customers to find you?

We can help with optimizing your web sites so more search engines know where you are. We’ll even help with submitting the site to search engines and indexes.



While your site is being built, we provide a customer-only (password protected) section of our web site where you can instantly — and securely — access all of your documents, see your designs, get help for frequently asked questions, and make notes or edits while tracking changes.


We provide hands-on training as a part of every site. Custom training covers everything you need to know about how your site works. All training includes a custom-printed getting-started guide.

We also conduct on-site training on any aspect of web site development — from Flash and Dreamweaver to how to do ecommerce right.