Steve — Lead Java and Web Site Strategist

Steve is such a recognized expert in his field that he currently teaches Microsoft developers how to program in C#.

Steve’s abilities are exceptional. Many lead developers can find a way to solve a given challenge. But Steve envisions solutions — and the way they should be created — for optimum success. He not only arrives at an unusual breadth of unique and effective solutions — his designs are elegant and functional — and he knows how to make them a reality.

Steve uses his bachelor’s degree in mathematics from Caltech — and a PhD in biophysics — to successfully architect and build large Java-based software systems.

On one such project, he rewrote a business application for a new e-commerce web site. This involved converting an existing application in ASP so it could use Java — and access their new, high-end Oracle database. The result was a more flexible application that was ready to grow as the company expanded.

Want a better feel for Steven’s expertise? Steve’s white paper, where he delves into the similarities and differences between Java and C#.